Founded in 2010, Siargao Masaya is a non-profit, laic and non-political NGO based in Zinal, Switzerland. Its mission is to improve the living conditions and quality of the population in need on Siargao Islands, located in the Philippines.

To fulfill this mission Siargao Masaya is proactive locally and aim two activity sectors: access to education and community development. It actively and sustainably takes care of the poorest families to allow them to gain financial independence, dignity preservation as well as community proudness and recognition.

means “happy” in Tagalog, the Philippines national language. “Hopes bring happiness” is the thought behind it. The association objective is indeed to give hope to the poorest and precarious families facing tremendous difficulties in offering education, boosting the local economy and providing an access to health care. Their smile and motivation is the best gift we can get in exchange.

The Shiva eye spiral,
symbol of Siargao Masaya Association, represents the beginning of a new cycle; concretized by the collaboration between two different cultures, allowing Siargao communities to a new and fresh start.